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Getting the Old Lumberyard Shops back on the Map - Promotional Material -

We are considering publishing a newspaper style flyer or folded page ( 16 × 22 inches ). The style would be newspaper as we are thinking of avoiding color.

Here's how you can help:

- Suggestions for names for this paper. Old Lumberyard Gazette ? Please contribute your suggestions for a name.

- Let us know if you have a good contacts for publishing newspaper style promotional material.

- We are considering distributing this newspaper style promotional material several times a year. Frequency will depend on the cost.

- You can contribute memorable articles or content ideas.

Our goals are multiple:

- Be eye catching so people have a go at reading the content.

- Have memorable content so readers don't just throw the flyer away the next time they get it.

- Get Readers aware of what is available at the Old Lumberyard Shops (ie Tenants Products and services).

- Get Readers aware of events that are held at the Old Lumberyard Shops.

One article idea is to feature a particular or unique item from the antique store each time we send out a flyer.

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