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Old Lumberyard Shops is a thriving 22,650 square feet Neighborhood Shopping Center located on 1.52 acres and 3 buildings with a 4th building used seasonally. This tourist destination has a rap around exterior deck great for hanging out in the summer. 

The Old Lumberyard Shopping Center has a big space available since one of it's tenants decided to buy their own location. We love it when our tenant do very well at the Old Lumberyard and decide it's time to fly the koop. 


""It's All About Parking, Stupid!" We have great parking options for your patrons. With 40 parking spaces your patrons will always have a parking space. Landlord is responsible for snow removal in the winter. 

Old Lumberyard Shops is owned by Lauren & Stefan who are vested in the success of their tenants. Together we can thrive. Lauren & Stefan will help with a Groupon campaign by giving you a matching contribution up to $500. 


Stefan & Lauren spent 10 years working in the Manhattan Private Equity industry and now manage their real estate portfolio and are dedicated to the success of their tenants and are eager to help in any way they can. 

The Old Lumberyard Shopping Center is located on the site of a Lumberyard established in 1900's  the site was subsequently converted to commercial use and the rest is history. The site is on 1.52 acres a stones trough away from the Milford Historic Down Town area. 


Variable lease term options are available from month to month to 2, 3 year leases. 

Historic Milford PA is strategically located at the junction of New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania about 60 minutes
from Paramus NJ, 90 minutes from New York City. This quaint town is a haven for antiquing, historic buildings,
gallery hopping, quaint shops, and dining. Cultural activities include lmusic festivals and film festivals. It is on route to
the Pocono Mountains and nearby attractions include spectacular water falls, rivers for water sports, and state parks for

A. Coffee Shop & Bar             
Waterwheel Café, Bakery & Bar .1
The Frisky Goat .2
Dunkin' Donuts .3

Milford has 3 businesses that could fit in the Coffee Shop category. The concept behind being a coffee shop that serves alcohol is that in the post-noon hours, coffee consumption begins to taper off significantly. If you’re looking to stay open later and need the cash, filling an additional need in your small community is the perfect business idea. Now you not only have a place for business meetings and freelancers, but also happy hours and first dates. One additional thing to keep in mind is to make sure that your coffee shop design appeals to both a mid-day and a post-work crowd. Nothing says small town charm like a simple, relaxed business layout. Opting for a design concept that is genuine and modest will suit most customers and provide that small town ambiance patrons crave.


B. Pet Grooming & Boarding             

Milford has 3 businesses that could fit in the Pet Care category. Pet Businesses are a $60 billion industry in the United States, so it just plain makes sense that a small town has at least one pet grooming or boarding facility or a combination of the two.  Pet grooming and boarding are also businesses where convenience and distance matter, making them perfect ideas for rural businesses. No one wants to drive two towns over to drop their pet off for a trim, nor drive back to pick them up. Since most small towns don’t have a pet specialty chain such as a Petco, businesses can also capitalize on the lack of a major pet store where owners would usually purchase food, toys, and clothing for their pets. 


Milford Pet Foods Plus (Current Tenant CT) .1
Kanine Kleaners (CT) .2
Funky Fresh Pet Grooming .3
C. Clothing Boutique            
More for Less (Current Tenant CT) .1

Milford has 1 business that could fit in the Clothing category. One of the primary amenities that small towns tend to lack is decent shopping. And we don’t just mean a large shopping mall. Often, those living in smaller towns and communities have to drive significant mileage just for basic clothing necessities. That’s why starting a clothing boutique will not only put you on the map but will make you a popular destination for most residents in the vicinity. 


D. Vape Shop            

Milford has no businesses that could fit in the Vape Shop category. Though this might seem like a very niche market for a small town business, the reality is that the vaping industry (and community) is currently exploding in the U.S. To give you a sense of how big the vaping market is, Quartz reported that Yelp has 10,591 “vape shops” currently listed in their database. That’s a huge number, especially considering that the rate of traditional smoking continues to steadily decline. Depending on where you are in the country, however, due to state regulations, opening a vape shop will be easier in some states than in others. So make sure to check out your state’s laws before pursuing this business idea. Resources such as VapeMentors can also help guide you when getting your business up and running.


E. Bakery           

Milford has 3 businesses that could fit in the Bakery category. From your morning coffee to your kid’s birthday cake, neighborhood bakeries can fill a vast number of small-town needs. Though owning and operating a bakery is hard work, if it’s your life-long dream to produce pastries for the masses, it’s a business idea that can be incredibly rewarding. Employing youth from your town is also a great way to give back and stay connected to your community. 

Waterwheel Café, Bakery & Bar .1
Sweet Sweet Wonderland .2
Naked Bagel Co .3
F. Thrift Shop           

Milford has 1 business that could fit in the Thrift Shop category. Yes, there might be fewer people in a small town, or fewer stores and shops, but that doesn’t mean that babies don’t grow out of their onesies, people don’t buy new furniture and kids don’t move off to college. In our capitalist society, fewer people doesn’t always mean less stuff. So opening a second-hand store or thrift shop is a great way to help the people of your town recycle unwanted items while giving those that might not have as much a less expensive shopping option. 

Bizarre Thrift .1
G. Gym / Exercise Studio          

Milford has 3 businesses that could fit in the Fitness category. If you think that starting a gym in a tiny town is a bad idea, think again. Just as the physical body comes in many different shapes and sizes, so do gyms and exercise studios. Though fitness businesses are great small town business opportunities, they are especially lucrative for locations where the weather is colder more months out of the year than not. It’s also worth mentioning that the boutique fitness trend is red-hot at the moment and shows no signs of dying down. The appeal of massive gyms with rows and rows of weights and cardio equipment is losing popularity. Meaning, there is no better time than now to capitalize on the boutique fitness trend.

Milford Pilates Studio .1
Jen Murphy Fitness .2
Lotus Yoga .3
I. Restaurant        

Milford has 3 businesses that could fit in the Pizzeria category. Every town, big or small, needs (and deserves) a few good restaurants. Milford with it's three pizzeria's is well served. John's of Arthur Ave has incredible food.

John's of Arthur Ave Pizza  (CT) 1. Carini Cucina & Pizzeria .2
Joey's Pizza .3
J. Sport Bar        

Milford has no businesses that could fit in the Sport's Bar category. Though we already suggested a wine bar/coffee shop combo above, the clientele you’ll attract for that small town business idea versus this one is significantly different. Think first dates and book clubs versus Super Bowl Sunday and Monday Night Football. Speaking of which, special events for sports games can drum up major business. Opening a successful sports bar in a sports-centric town can be a great investment. Milford does have 2 businesses that fir in the Bar category. 

Waterwheel Café, Bakery & Bar .1
Jive Bar and Lounge .2
K. Hair Salon        
Impressions Hair Design .1
Dona-Helene Hair Salon .2
Unisex Beaty Salon .3
Shear Beauty Salon .4
Headquarters Cut .5
Dye Hard Salon .6

Milford has 6 businesses that could fit in the Hair Salon category. Even Rapunzel needed a trim now and then. It’s one service, that regardless of your age, most people need a few (if not a few dozen) times a year. If you’re currently calculating the average number of women in your town and multiplying it by three, thinking that is the amount of business you will drum up yearly, you’re thinking too narrowly. Opening your own hair salon has a variety of additional services that go far beyond haircuts. Think coloring, nails, and makeup, just to name a few. And remember, men tend to get their hair cut at least once a month. And, if you’re covering up that gray, every six weeks sounds about right. 

L. Barber Shop        
Wise Guys Barbershop .1
Milford Barber Shop .2
Headquarters Shave .2

Milford has 3 businesses that could fit in the  Barbershop category.  For many barbers, opening an independent barbershop is the ultimate goal. This is the time when you can express your creative talent as a completely independent artist and craftsperson. You can set your own prices and potentially earn like the pros, go to international barbering events, give out your own business card, and develop a list of clients who will fly in to see you.

M. Ice Cream Shop       

Milford has 2 businesses that could fit in the Ice Cream Shop category. Someone wise once said that to qualify as a small town there is a prerequisite that it must have an ice cream shop. Ok, maybe we made that up. But regardless, if it’s not true, it should be. Opening an ice cream shop in a small town is a business idea guaranteed to draw a crowd. Knowing your product, being familiar with the most popular ice cream flavors, and having a willingness to work nights and weekends are all important factors to take into account. Just remember, this business comes with the challenges of seasonality. So, as we recommended boutique fitness businesses as great for cold weather climates, we are recommending ice cream shops for areas that are warmer. Find the perfect town with the perfect weather and this small town business idea is a no-brainer.

Milford Dairy Bar .1
Irene's Kitchen .2
N. Gift Card Shop      

Milford has 1 business that could fit in the Gift category. Americans purchase on average 6.5 billion greeting cards each year. While sales are estimated between $7 and $8 billion annually, according to the Greeting Card Association, many of these cards are now purchased in big box stores, such as Target and Walmart. Those living in small towns often don’t have access to these types of stores, at least not in their immediate vicinity. Providing the people of your town with a place to not only purchase cards but gifts as well is a prime retail opportunity. The variety and diversity of products you can carry are endless, which allows you the freedom to play around with your inventory until you find that special mix of products for your small town business.

Enchanted Gifts & Books .1
O. Flower Shop      
Myer the Florist Inc. .1

Milford has 1 business that could fit in the Flower Shop category. It might surprise you, but opening a flower shop is a fairly inexpensive business idea and great for small towns. That is, less expensive than say a restaurant or a car wash. Starting a flower shop has relatively few costs compared to other retail businesses. One of the only costs you will be faced with is the purchase of a cooler to keep your product (aka pretty flowers) fresh and cool. The best way to compete with the online sea of flora is with reasonable prices, attention to detail and customers service, and a sprig of creativity.

P. Book Store      
Enchanted Gifts & Books .1

Milford has 1 business that could fit in the Book Store category. The bookstore is dead, hardly! Bookshops might now be different and resemble little of what most of us remember from our childhoods, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. If anything, the need for bookstore owners to create new and innovative ways to succeed has opened up a plethora of additional business opportunities. And isn’t that what small towns are all about, creating opportunity and coming up with creative ways to provide the most options for their communities? Of course, if you decide to open a bookstore as your small town business you’ll want to make sure that the main focus is books. But that doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate other aspects of your community or additional products into your store. It’s rare nowadays to go into a bookstore just for books. They’re now a prime destination for gifts, crafts, e-readers, coffee, and events. Selling a variety of merchandise and holding events will diversify your revenue stream and bring additional customers into your store, those that traditionally might not be the paper book type.

Milford has 5 businesses that could fit in the Spa category. Just because you don’t have the hustle and bustle of the big city breathing down your neck, doesn’t mean small town residents don’t have aches and pains and plenty of stress. If you’re a people person that likes working with their hands and meeting new people, this could be a great career and business idea for a small town.

Zosia's European Skin Care Spa .1
Badea Day & Soul Day Spa .2
TLC Salon & Spa .3
California Spa .4
Regal Spa .5
Q. Spa      
R. Nail Salon      

Milford has 4 businesses that could fit in the Spa category. Just because you don’t have the hustle and bustle of the big city breathing down your neck, doesn’t mean small town residents don’t have aches and pains and plenty of stress. If you’re a people person that likes working with their hands and meeting new people, this could be a great career and business idea for a small town.

Happy Nails (Current Tenant) .1
Lacquer Nail Bar .2
Regal Nails Salon .3
 Dona-Helene Nail Salon .4
R. Antique Store      
Old Lumberyard Antiques (Current Tenant) .1
Forest Hall Antiques .2
Ann Street Antiques .3

Milford has 3 businesses that could fit in the Antique category. Milford is a great place to go shopping for antiques while enjoying the cities historic feel. 

S. Furniture Store    
Behind the French Doors (Current Tenant) .1
Ambience Furniture & Fine Gifts .2
Karen's Basket Kollection .3
Interior Works Gallery .4

Milford has 4 businesses that could fit in the Furniture Store category. Milford is a great place to go shopping for antiques and furniture while enjoying the cities historic feel. 

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